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The download of the short film combatant
is currently intermitted but will soon be available again! For now, have a look on what amazing movies can be made from no budget, using digital technology, some experience and a simple straight idea:

Watch the newest hackermovies short "combatant":

[about 7 minutes MS Media Codec 8 encoded wmv file, 15 MB]

stream or download "combatant" from one of these mirror sites:

combatant at mirror 1 germany fem.tu-ilmenau.de  

combatant at mirror 2 germany world-of-bancha.de  

combatant at mirror 3 united states mpbtonline.com  

combatant at mirror 4 united states Internet Gaming Guilds  

combatant at mirror 5 luxembourg franzetti.lu  

Thank you to all of our mirror-partners for their support!!

Netscape 4.x Users: Use context menu (right mouse button click on link) and choose "Save Link as", then watch the downloaded file - and have fun!